CCPS Malta is a full-service certified public accounting practice specializing in tax, audit and financial planning services.

Excellence is our pledge and our commitment to our clients, to our community, to our employees and to ourselves. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clientele, providing support consistent with their goals.

We believe in the value of relationships

We consider our relationships with our clients to be partnerships. Our success is a reflection of the success of our clients.

Years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen allows us to make a commitment to provide personal attention to our clients’ needs. Our continuous investment of time and resources in the continuation of professional education and the expansion of business relationships demonstrates our pledge to providing our clients with excellence.

Why we are different

At CCPS Malta, we are aware of the impact that our support could have on our clients’ activities. We believe that good business has a direct impact on the client’s portfolio and is therefore not realised solely on a strong reputation. This is why our mission is to partner our clients, understand their needs and provide them the highest level of support they deserve.

Our key strengths remain our personalised approach and the limitless time and energy we invest to deliver high-quality service, namely service which will add value to clients’ businesses and thus promote their success.

CCPS Malta is a one stop shop

We pride ourselves in having set up an organization which is able to assist clients in all areas of corporate law, taxation and accounting requirements. We offer an array of multiple services which allow our clients to experience unparalleled service.

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