Audit & Assurance


Why is an Audit essential?
An audit can help your business identify weaknesses in its accounting systems, whilst also assuring directors (not involved in the day-to-day accounting functions) that a business is running in accordance with the information they are receiving.

A good audit would also substantially reduce the risk of fraud, hence ensuring good governance. Our auditors can furthermore cover anything from the tightening of internal controls, whilst also enhancing the credibility of the figures being submitted to prospective investors.

Carrying out regular audits is essential for all business owners aiming to either sell shares or attracting investment to their business.

What can CCPS Malta offer?
At CCPS Malta we can offer both internal and external audit.

Whether you are a company, an organisation, or a financial services licensed entity, CCPS Malta’s team of in-house auditors can provide you with the highest level of service in terms of audit and assurance.
We aim to provide the relevant recommendations to enhance your business performance and ensure cost-effective results.

Our services include:

  • Statutory audits
  • Expert reports
  • Assurance and engagement reviews
  • Liquidation services (including audit of liquidations)
  • Ad-hoc advisory
  • IFRS and GAPSME report assistance
  • Consolidations

Our experienced accountants can assist you when it comes to the consolidation requirements and workings in order to ensure that this is done according to the relevant accounting standards. Furthermore, all disclosures are included in the audited financial statements.

Liquidations and Dissolution
If you need to dissolve your company, this cannot be done automatically, but it needs to be formally liquidated and struck-off from the company register. CCPS Malta’s team of auditors can help you in this process.
According to Maltese law, the liquidation and dissolution of a company can be initiated through the court through a third-party application and when decided by shareholders. It can also be done voluntarily when decided by the shareholders.

Voluntary Liquidations
This type of liquidation occurs when shareholders put a company into liquidation because it is insolvent or redundant.

A warranted liquidator would need to be appointed as part of the liquidation process, and his duty would be to collect the company’s assets and distribute them to its creditors in accordance with the law.

As liquidators, CCPS Malta would have the power to sell the company’s assets, to bring and defend legal proceedings and also pay dividends to the company’s creditors.

When all the assets are realised, and when all creditors’ claims have been adjudicated, a liquidation would be deemed as complete.

Why choose CCPS Malta?
We make it our mission to go beyond statutory requirements by helping our clients perform better. We pride ourselves in listening to your individual needs and tailor our approach accordingly whilst keeping in mind all possible business implications. Our aim will always be to add value to your business.

We are proud to serve clients ranging from family businesses to SMEs and even larger companies.

Financial statement audits give the assurance needed to investors; that is why we give a lot of importance to this report. Our audit professionals will furthermore continually monitor your business to ensure that everything is working up to standard.