CCPS Malta has years’ of experience when it comes to company formation in Malta. If you wish to form a company, we can help you with the process of setting up a tailor-made company with a name of your choice.

Registering your company in Malta – what does it entail?
CCPS Malta’s team of professional advisors will take care of:

  • The preparation and submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Re-domiciliation of companies to or outside Malta
  • Registration for VAT and Income Tax
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Provision of Company Secretarial services
  • Advice on Director personal liabilities
  • Advice on and assistance with statutory and legal obligations
  • Attendance at Board Meetings and preparation of minutes
  • Share Transfers and Contract Drafting
  • Preparation of statutory forms, returns and notices

Company formation in Malta: The Benefits
Since joining the EU back in 2004, Malta has been the choice of a substantial number of corporations, corporate planners and investors.

The island’s benefits are many:

  • EU-compliant legislation
  • Well-regulated legal jurisdiction
  • Benefits and tax incentives offered by Malta Enterprise to businesses in Malta
  • Over 70 Double Tax Treaty agreements
  • Low effective tax rates

English is one of Malta’s official languages (along with Maltese, whilst Italian is also spoken widely)
Malta holds the Euro as its official currency, and it is also part of the Schengen Area and the Commonwealth
Positioned between Europe and North Africa, Malta is quite accessible
According to Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, Malta’ economy is amongst the strongest in Europe


What does re-domiciliation mean?
Re-domiciliation is the transfer of a company from one jurisdiction to another without dissolving it and setting it up anew. Hence, in this case, the company is not liquidated, as all its assets and liabilities will remain owned by the company.

Since the company has remained in existence, there would be no additional litigation issues due to creditors and no further transfer expenses are incurred.

In Malta you can benefit from a flexible framework that allows foreign companies to move their entire structure to Malta (without the need of liquidating the company beforehand). There are no entry taxes involved, and once the company has been moved to Malta it will stand to benefit from the various incentives that Maltese-based companies avail of, including Malta’s Tax system.

What are the requirements?

  • The legal system of the country from where the company is moving must allow for this transfer
  • The shareholders of the company must be in agreement of the moving of the company
  • The incorporation documents must allow for this movement as well

CCPS Malta can help you with the migration process of your company to Malta, including tackling all the above requirements and other issues that may arise in the process.

CCPS Malta has provided assistance to a number of companies seeking to merge or acquire another company.

Our team of advisors can provide assistance with the following:

  • Preparation of the Draft Terms of the Merger
  • Tackling the rules applicable to public takeover bids
  • Disclosure requirements and minority rights
  • Employee protection, in line with the Transfer of Business Regulations

Restructuring plans are essential, especially if your business is going through a bad phase.

CCPS Malta can help you with all operational issues that may arise to start making a profit again. Our services are comprised of the following:

  • Performing an operations review to identify inefficiencies
  • Priority timeline for a restructuring plan
  • Implementing the restructuring plan
  • Operation consultancy during the restructuring process and also in cases of bankruptcy
  • Analysis of the business’s short and long-term financial projections

At CCPS Malta we can handle back-office duties to help your business grow and develop. Some of our back-office solutions include:

  • Processing payments and transfers
  • Handling invoicing and statements
  • Debt collection
  • Reconciliations
  • Process data in compliance with GDPR requirements

Maltese companies must have a registered office address in Malta.

CCPS Malta can help by providing a registered office where clients are guaranteed that their post is handled efficiently and in a timely fashion by our corporate administration team that can also take care of all the post forwarding to an address of your choice.

CCPS Malta can also offer virtual office services and our virtual office plans include call answering and mail handling with a professional business address.

Being a licensed corporate services provider, at CCPS Malta we can act as such.

The CSP (Company Services Provider) Act defines a company service provider as any natural or legal person that by way of business provides the following to third parties:

  • Incorporation of companies and other legal entities
  • Acting or arranging for another person to act as director or secretary of a company
  • Provision of a registered office for a company or other legal entity

CCPS Malta can provide you with all the above services, including the provision of a virtual office.

The company secretarial service we offer at CCPS Malta aims to free your valuable time whilst we’d look after your statutory obligations and help you meet the Companies Act requirements and deadlines.

Our secretarial services are comprised of the following:

  • Maintenance of your statutory records
  • Filing of statutory documents abridged accounts, the full set of financial statements (such as annual return etc) accurately and on time
  • Taking care of appointments and resignations of officers
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions of your General Meetings
  • Company name search

Yacht Registration in Malta: The Benefits
CCPS Malta assists with the registration and maintenance of yachts and vessels under the Maltese Shipping Register.
Malta is the largest register in Europe and one of the top registers in the world. The Maltese flag is widely respected around the world. Some of the advantages of registering your vessel under the Maltese flag include:

  • Minimal tax obligations and tax exemptions
  • Low costs when it comes to vessel registration
  • No restriction on the nationality of the crew like shipowner, captain and other officers
  • Minimum VAT burden when purchasing pleasure yachts
  • A low effective tax rate of 5% when it comes to commercial vessel operations

Aviation Registration in Malta: The Benefits
CCPS Malta can help you make the most of the number of incentives Malta offers when it comes to aircraft, helicopters and aircraft engines. Furthermore, its register is widely respected around the world.

The Aircraft Registration Act (introduced in 2010) meant that services related to the aviation sector in Malta expanded. There was in fact a significant increase in the number of registered aircraft in Malta.

Amongst the benefits that Malta offers, there are:

  • No withholding taxes on outbound payments of interest, dividends and royalties
  • A tax rate ranging from 0% to 6.25% – making it one of the lowest in Europe
  • No Transfer Pricing, CFC or Thin Capitalisation legislation
  • Various tax credit schemes and other incentives offered by Malta Enterprise
  • How can CCPS Malta help you?
  • Private aircraft leasing
  • Aircraft finance and mortgages
  • Aircraft registrations
  • Tax advice and drafting of agreements